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Structural Condition Inspections​

Our in-depth structural condition inspections provide the insight you need into your property. Our comprehensive reports help to determine the root cause of, and provide solutions to, your most critical components of your building or home.

We follow ASCE 11-99 and ASCE 7-16 standards a well as our engineering knowledge and experience for every inspection.

If you have any of the following concerns, contact us today!

  • Cracked or bowing foundation walls

  • Leaking basement

  • Sagging or sloped floors

  • Sagging roofs

  • Broken joists or trusses

  • Pest or moisture damage

  • Load-bearing wall removal

  • Engineers report for mortgage company

  • Leaning or bowing retaining walls

Structural and Construction Design 

Whether you're a contractor with a unique structural concern  or a DIYer in need of design and permitting assistance, Nelis Engineering & Inspections, LLC has a structural design solution for you.

Typical types of projects include:

  • Deck construction or modification 

  • Load bearing wall removal

  • Beam design

  • Retaining walls

  • Bouncy or sloped floors

  • Abnormal floor or roof loads

  • Vaulting ceilings

Our fees and pricing vary with the complexity and timeline of the project. Contact us for a quote today!



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