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Home Inspections​
Once you're under contract to purchase a home, you often need to complete the home inspection process in a short time frame, so call Nelis Engineering & Inspections, LLC as soon as possible to schedule your inspection.


Our typical engineering home inspection covers the following areas:

  • Foundation - Basements, Slabs, and Crawlspaces

  • HVAC - Furnace, AC and Ductwork

  • Electrical - Breakers, Lights and Wiring

  • Roof - Shingles, Attic and Insulation

  • Interior - Ceiling, Walls and Floors

  • Plumbing - Supply and Fixtures

  • Exterior - Brick and Siding

Building Inspections​

Our in-depth engineering building inspections provide the insight you need into your business' commercial property. Our comprehensive reports help to give you insight into the condition of your property, whether you're buying, selling, or need a regular assessment of it's condition.

We bring our professional engineering standards a well as our engineering knowledge and experience to every inspection

Our engineering experience gives us a unique insight into how a building's condition can impact it's overall operation.  Our engineering building inspections include in-depth analysis of structural and property related issues, as well as functional assessments of many other aspects. Contact us today for details!

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